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Orbits - Blue Levels

Blue levels feature enemies which either have significant natural defenses or avoid the player in some way. This section of the game forces the player to act aggressively to get past the avoidant blue enemies. It is the last section of the game and therefore features the hardest levels.

Rocky Vortex

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Rocky vortex features a recently introduced and extremely defensive enemy. It’s only vulnerable from a single angle and only as it attacks. Taking them out requires exact positioning and timing.

This level cloaks these enemies in a sea of rocks orbiting the central star. The constant barrage from every side (which gets faster the closer you are to the center) requires the player act quickly before they are overcome by all the damage. The focus of the player is really tested as rocks are hurled at them while they must maintain their position and watch for the signal that they can take out the enemy.

All of this is made even harder by the occasional homing rocket launched by the enemies.

The end result is a significant test of the player’s control of their character and their ability to keep track of numerous threats at once.


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Tank is a very simple level which teaches the player how to avoid homing rockets without expending any stamina (by blocking or teleporting). The enemy requires around 20 separate instances of damage to take out and shoots many homing rockets. The result of this combination is that the player can’t really expend any of their stamina on dodging because they need so much of it to actually kill the enemy.

The solution is to mimic the movement of the enemy by moving in a circle to keep them and the rockets away while conserving the stamina they need to win.


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The level Train is a strange encounter. It features a procession of enemies which are highly vulnerable from angles which are difficult to reach. The most sensible position to attack the train is from behind as it clears the field of asteroids. However, from this angle, none of the enemies can be damaged.

As a result, the player must find vacant pockets near the path of the train in the field of rocks. They also can’t inhabit those locations for long because they train keeps moving and can fill up those pockets with damaging attacks quickly.