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Destiny 2 - Black Armory

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Technical Design: Black Armory Shields

I created numerous variations of the black armory shield using Grognok and Bonobo. These shields are used in the Forge Saboteur encounters, in the forges themselves and in the quests to unlock the forges. The one above is the Tilt shield. The released versions include:


Image courtesy of VG24/7

To create these shields, I worked with:

The initial prototype was given to me to iterate on and complete by another technical designer. I did just that and was soon given the reins to create as many cool variations of the shield as I could. I created many and 3 of the best made it into the game.

Saboteur Encounters on Nessus & in EDZ

I created the gatekeeper (forge saboteur) encounter prefab which was used by myself and Leo Zuniga to place the gatekeepers into the world. The prefab also features the crates which drop Black Armory Weapon frames. These are used for quests to create Black Armory weapons.

There are 4 saboteur encounters on Nessus and in the EDZ.

Check out this for more details