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Orbits - Green Levels


Output sample

This level combines 2 defensive mechanics which have up until this point not been used in this way. The blue shield takes 3 hits to destroy and was previously only shown on enemies. The mines haven’t been used to defend a planet either.

This combination of novel defenses creates the unique feel to this level. Its manageable because these mechanics aren’t new, they just haven’t been used like this yet.

The enemy orbiting the planet shoots homing rockets to keep up the pressure and even help clear the mines for you. It also features a weak shield to complicate taking it out quickly.

Finally, the blue cylinder also orbiting the center can help replenish the player’s healing when they break through.

This level can also beat quickly if the player decides to try teleporting past the barriers to kill the enemy quickly.

Early Bombardment

Output sample

Early bombardment features the least realistic orbit pattern in the game. The layers of rock come together and pass each other to help defend the central enemies. As time passes, the layers of rock become more and more dense and hard to get past so the level necessitates speed to beat. As a result, it also teaches the player the advantages of swiftly taking out enemies instead of hesitating.

Another interesting way to beat the level is by using the defensive rocks to your advantage by hitting the central enemies with them. It’s far from easy but a clever player can use this to end the level even faster.