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Project description

I created this with a teammate for my AI For Game Programming course. I handled most of the programming, the modeling of the blood vessels and the shader which acts as the lighting. You play as a white blood cell within the veins and arteries of a very sick person. The game is 2D with multiple seamlessly connected layers that were modeled by me after the actual blood vessels of humans. As you move around, there is a current of red blood cells and platelets pushing you through the body. Once an infection appears, it will show up on your mini map, so you can head there using the platelets as speed boosts in order to fight off whatever infection has sprung up. All infections are placed randomly and feature 1 of 6 possible diseases.

Code Examples

The function which pushes red blood cells away from each other

private void PushAway (numRays)
   float angle = 0f;
   Vector2 dir = new Vector2(0, 0);
   Vector3 net = Vector3.zero;
   //Loop through all rays starting with angle = 0
   for (int i = 0; i < numRays; i++)
      //Find direction of ray
      dir.x = Mathf.Cos (angle);
      dir.y = Mathf.Sin (angle);

      //Cast ray in that direction
      RaycastHit hit;
      if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, dir, out hit, rayDist, 
         //Adjust net force to be applied by the distance to the target
         net += hit.normal * (rayDist - hit.distance) / rayDist;

      angle += Mathf.PI * 2 / numRays;
   //Apply force
   rb.AddForce(net * pushForce);

The function which causes all red blood cells, platelets, and the player to be affected by the flow of the blood stream at their location.

Note that this only pushes the player if they are moving in the direction of the blood stream. This way the player can fight against the current without penalty (except for the red blood cells pelting you).

public void OnFrame ()
   foreach (GameObject red in reds)
      red.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().AddForce (GetFlow(red.transform) 
         * flowForce);
   foreach (GameObject plat in plats)
      plat.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().AddForce (GetFlow(plat.transform) 
         * flowForce * 0.85f);
   if (player)
      Vector2 dir = GetFlow(player.transform);
      //Apply flow force to player if they are moving in the direction of
      //the flow
      if (playerMan.getInput().magnitude > 0 &&
         Vector2.Dot(playerMan.getInput(), dir) > 0)
         playerRig.AddForce (dir * flowForce * 9f);