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Orbits - Purple Levels

Purple enemies feature unique ways to avoid the player. There are teleporting enemies, stealthed enemies and gravity-utilizing enemies. This section of the game teaches the player how to exploit the powers of enemies to defeat them.


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Teleporting enemies teleport a fixed distance away from the player when an attack approaches them. This technique makes them impossible to kill using the player’s normal arsenal and requires the player think outside the box to kill them.

The level Love is a bit of a puzzle that requires the player realize that the enemies can be made to self-destruct if they teleport on top of each other. The execution is very precise and therefore requires the player exactly learn the teleporting behavior of these enemies to proceed.


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Maze is a very unique level which features gravity enemies. They pull and push the player into the walls of the maze requiring the player precisely control themselves. The level also features walls of asteroids which provide both cover and ammunition for a clever player. In fact, direct conflict with both gravity enemies can be avoided by pushing the walls of the maze onto them.


Output sample

Push is perhaps by prettiest level. Its main job is to act as spectacle but it still requires strategy to defeat. The gravity enemies have been amped up with far more shots of their weapon in this level. The only cover is the wave of rocks which quickly dissipates. This requires that the player continuously move around the center. The strong gravity of these enemies also makes maintaining orbit rather difficult as they push the player away from engaging with them.