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Orbits - Red Levels

Red levels feature aggressive enemies which teach the player the value of shielding and using cover to their advantage. The enemies featured below spray out attacks with little regard for their chances of hitting the player.


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These quickly firing enemies are introduced in this level which emphasizes their strength - they do a lot of damage. The player begins protected by an invulnerable purple shield (The only time it’s used to protect the player) so they can safely observe the behavior of these enemies.

When the player decides to “escape” from their prison, they can witness the main weakness of these enemies. They shoot slowly moving attacks, turn slowly and are very vulnerable to attacks.


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This level requires a clever tactic to take out these rapid firing enemies. A direct approach could work with enough skill, but smart play will normally be needed to defeat these enemies.

Funnel teaches the player to use cover by both requiring its use to win and by starting them behind some cover.

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As you can see, when approached strategically the player is rewarded with an easier encounter as the enemies become isolated.


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The level Chase builds on the teachings of this section of the game by showing the player that they can even use other enemies as cover (the snowflake ones). The mines and bullets push the player to the side where they can see the dramatic drop in danger when hiding behind the snowflake.

Additionally, the fact that the entire group of enemies is moving requires that the player also keep moving, adding a bit of challenge to the level.