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Unstoppable Force

Output sample

Project Description

4 teammates and I made this game for a gamejam. I did most of the programming and work with integrating the artists’ work into the game. You play as a scared man running from an unstoppable Lovecraftian monster on the left, forcing you right. The game features platforming and a few varieties of enemies plus spike & flame traps.

Code Example

This is the code for the very basic floating skull enemies. They wait until triggered. Then, they chase you for 1 second and freeze for 1 second until they’ve exhausted their maximum number of tries. Then they explode.

void Update ()
   //Wait until triggered and not activated
   if (triggered && !hunting)
      hunting = true;
      //Start attacks
      StartCoroutine (delayedAttacks ());
   //If it’s time for the skull to chase the player
   if (moving)
      //Move towards the player
      transform.Translate (dir * Time.deltaTime);
      //Face the player (either left or right)
      Vector3 temp = transform.localScale;
      temp.x = (dir.x < 0) ? -1 : 1;
      transform.localScale = temp;
   //Play a moving animation when chasing the player
   anim.SetBool ("isMoving", moving);
IEnumerator delayedAttacks ()
   //Try the right number of times
   for (int i = 0; i < numTries; i++)
      //Pick the vector to move along for this 1 second interval
      dir = -new Vector3 (transform.position.x - player.position.x, 
         transform.position.y - player.position.y, 0).normalized;
      //Move for 1 second along this vector
      moving = true;
      yield return new WaitForSeconds (1);
      moving = false;

      //Freeze for a number of seconds
      yield return new WaitForSeconds (delay);
   //Die when out of tries
   Die ();