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All Planned Abilities

October 13, 2018

First up, let’s talk about the taking and giving of life

A problem I’ve noticed with the current mechanics is that you can feel a bit like a vampire.

Basically, because I’ve chosen abilities with mechanics in mind instead of story, I’ve inadvertently made a vampire instead of a druid. I still love the whole giving life thing but draining life out of things feels notably evil.

There are a couple of solutions to this that I’ve been considering:

Drain Life doesn’t affect animals

If I implement this, you can only drain plants. This’ll emphasize the nonviolence and still allow the killing of the undead.



Drain & Give Water

Draw the water from the environment, plants or even enemies.



Scrap it

This is the most likely scenario. The main reason I decided to add this ability is to enhance the problem solving. This is supposed to be a puzzle / stealth game, so I need some abilities to augment those things. But, if it turns out that this mechanic sucks, I’ll replace it with more thematic abilities.

Historically speaking, a druid is a kind of priest from Celtic myth. They have a couple core beliefs: Pacifism and Reincarnation.

Most of the references to their magic involve their transformation into some sort of animal (partially or completely) or the transformation of an enemy into something. They were also known to hang out in forests and control the weather.

So what sorts of abilities could come out of these ancient inspirations?

All planned abilities & Upgrades

Main abilities

Partial & Permanent Transformations

These would act as upgrades and would be unlocked throughout the game