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Intro, Camera Smoothing, and Enemy AI

October 8, 2019


I did a lot of work on the look of the grid, scale of everything and post processing stuff. I still need to decide on the background but for now, it’s black.

Image Image Image

I also added to the look and functionality of enemies, so they have an inner and outer vision cone. The color of these cones will change color depending on their level of alertness. Additionally, when spotted, the player’s screen aberrates as a warning.



The new intro really emphasizes the computer simulation-ness by starting out completely flat and curving the mesh as the camera zooms in.



Currently, I have the camera look at a point around 40% of the way from the center of the sphere and the location of the player. This causes the camera to always “look ahead” after a delay.

I use smooth damp at all times for adjusting the point the camera is looking at.

I use a similar trick when in a warp tree and looking to teleport somewhere. I adjust the point the camera is looking at smoothly in the direction of the mouse.