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The New Idea

May 8, 2019

What happened to Druid?

You’ll notice, if you look at the post dates for the dev blog, a distinct drop-off after January (which coincides with my final semester of my senior year of college). Essentially, my senior design project took precedence and sucked up all my free time which would otherwise go to working on the game. That, combined with the overwhelming amount of work left on that project drained my will and ability to finish that game. With that in mind, I’ve decided to pursue the creation of a new game idea which should be far more manageable.

The New Idea

Imagine a game a bit similar to the original Legend of Zelda game. It features 3 key mechanics: a wrapping world, the ability to throw bombs and the ability to create temporary terrain. Those mechanics combined with a super unique aesthetic resulting from my new shader knowledge (and Unity’s shader graph) should make for an awesome and manageable game. For the look of the game I’m going with a very unique idea: Every pixel of the level will be rendered as a solid shape whose alpha value will control the size of that shape.

But I don’t just have ideas for you. I’ve been working on this game for a little while now so, I have pictures.

Why this Idea?

For a couple reasons. For one, switching back to Unity has been a breath of fresh air because of how annoying Unreal made most everything. The fact that this idea is 2D means its far more approachable than the other 3D idea. The addition of a story / dialogue means this game can still be a step forward in terms of my other games while also not being overwhelming.

Where I am now

First up, this is what the game looks like as of now.

Output sample

I’m currently using the square pixel shader to represent the solid and unbreakable pixels and the circle pixels to represent the destructible objects. I plan on using an animated noise texture to represent magic (the ability to create pixels).

I’ve also got both destrictuble objects and a fully wrapping world.

Output sample

What’s Next?

I need to create the following in the immediate future:

For the mean time (until I have a job) I’ll make weekly posts on the progress I’ve made toward these and further goals.