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Warp Trees

August 23, 2019

Good news, I got a prototyped version of warp trees completely working! I’ll go over the functionality in the rest of this post.


The way placement works is that if you hold down right click you’ll see pixels on the surface you’re targeting. If the spot is valid, they’ll be green and if not, red.

If you release right click while valid, you’ll plant a warp tree.

The placement is cancellable with a left click.

Fun fact: every vertex, triangle, normal and uv is generated with code alone.



You can hide from enemies by merging with the trees you place. In there, you are perfectly safe. From that place, you can also teleport to other nearby warp trees.



By holding down right click in a warp tree, the camera zooms out and you are given the choice to warp to nearby warp trees. There’s currently no cool animation for this warp but there will be.

You can also cancel teleportation selection with a left click.