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The Idea

September 12, 2018

So, I will be making a game with Unreal starting now. Expect this initial idea to continuously change as I develop the game itself.

The idea is simple(ish):


I was (and still am) really inspired by the pacifism of Undertale. Ideally, I could replicate that amazing approach to interacting with npcs. In other words, rather than being constantly antagonistic towards your enemies, you will solve puzzles to calm them or maybe just avoid them.

How might the powers interact?

Drain life takes the life out of something. This could be used to sap away something alive (puzzle) or weaken an enemy trying to attack you (combat).

Give life uses that life to fuel something. This could give life to a golem / grow a plant (puzzle) or kill an undead creature (combat).

Blow spores creates spores which turn dead matter into useable life energy. This could recycle energy from something dead (puzzle) or weaken an undead (or even alive) creature (combat).

Plant seed plants a seed. This could be used to grow something useful when supplied with sunlight, water and life (puzzle). This could also maybe be used as defense - think cactus / venus fly trap (combat).

How do life, death, and undeath work?

I imagine life and undeath being on opposite ends of a line with death being in the center.


Giving life would push you away from the center while taking life would push you towards the center. In other words, you could damage the living by taking life or heal them by giving life, and for the undead you could damage them by giving life and possibly heal them by taking life. I’m still unsure about the ability to take more life from something undead - that could allow you to gain “infinite” life from something dead.

How does Life energy (name TBD) work

Currently, I like the idea of being able to drain life and give life with your abilities. An additional property I like of this Life energy is that you have increased health when storing more and less when storing less.

This could create some interesting puzzles in which you need to avoid damage for a while in order to carry as much Life energy as you can.

Puzzle Ideas